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On this site we have gathered various statute of limitation laws for all fifty states. These laws were gathered just to be used as an easy reference. None of them are to be used as a substitute for law advice from any legal professional. The authors of this web site have done their best to keep these laws as up to date as possible. Laws always have the possibility to change in every jurisdiction without notification. We hope this site is useful for you as long as you keep all this in mind.

A general idea of the statute of limitation laws you would find in this site would be as follows;

Statute of Limitation  defined as;  A statute setting a time limit on legal action in certain cases.  All systems of law have statutes restricting the time within which legal proceedings may be brought. The periods prescribed may vary according to the seriousness of the offense. Certain crimes have no statutes of limitation. Sometimes the time limit can be extended in a process called Tolling. Tolling exists if there are certain circumstances in which a lawsuit could not be filed.

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